Linx Pergola System

The Linx Pergola System makes sprucing up your outdoor space a breeze! These systems are completely customizable with mix-and-match pieces that make for endless combinations to suit your preferences.

Assembly Examples

The Stix Timber beams are made of kiln dried lumber, which means you don’t have to worry about twisting, warping, or splitting. The beams are hollow making them lighter and easier to work with than green timber, and the hollowed out core allows you to hide away any cords for a clean, polished look. 


Each piece of the system (excluding the Stix Timber) come in these manageable boxes.

Linx Pergola System Boxes

This system is so easy to assemble that you can do it yourself within an hour! Stop by our showroom or call your salesperson to start planning your new pergola today!


We love this system so much that we put a display in our showroom. Check out the installation process in the video below. You can also follow this link for an in-depth explanation of the product and a step-by-step installation guide.

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